Ways to travel for less.

Have you ever wanted to travel but dont have enough money to travel ? If Yes, Dont be upset,  We are here to help you.

Sometimes journey is more exciting than the destination. The same is true for expences,so what to do?? wave you ever thought of walking or cycling so travellig? Yes, Walking is for free and you can even rent a cycle in some places for few Dollers and enjoy the journey to it’s fullest. You will be able to save lots of money and will be able some unforgetable memories,plus bonus – It’s good for your health too.


Some amazing places and amazing foods and ofcource amezing prize too. As you will know ,If you are a traveller, Tourist places sometime have higher price of food ( NOT THE BRANDED/PACKED ONE),So its always Better to carry tiffin with you to save money and a chip tip , always eat the free buffey brakefast in the hotel you are staying to it”s fullest so you will not fill hungry till the lunch time.


once I enquired about ticket to a torist hotspot from my place and came back via train and plane ,and the train ticket cost was nearly one-fifth of the flight ticket.so thats will be ahuge shaving and you will also enjoy the time taking journey more.


when travellig with less money, it will be better to stay in a cheap hotel than a5/7 star one. Or you dont need to effort a hotel if you can reach your destination in mornimg and leave at night, In this case,don’t carry heavy luggage, a bagpack will be enough


“water water everywhere ,butnot a drop to drink” Carry water with you while travellig and fillit only from drinking water source or it’s cost a lot to buy water in tourist hotspots and drinking water from any other sources will leave you with illness , So,Be carefull with water.

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Nalanda (part1): explore India 

The bus reached the destination, around 4:00 am ,it was as dark as meed night and cold . You can imagine, it was the New Year Eve….

No it was not nalanga, we had stopped at Rajgir, Nalanda is our second destination. so we went to a place where we can wait till there till the sun rises and cook food , more like a picnic you know, we were about 40 people,a full bus… that’s a lot of people. Now the sun rays has started reaching the earth and that’s why it’s tea time..then the breakfast is cooked and we enjoyed it together. we had we had an authentic heavy tripical Indian breakfast contain puris, sabhi (cooked vegetable with spices), some Indian sweets and a banana.

Now it was the time to go for site seeing… walking..hmm.. not this time, we had horse cart this time, this was the first time I was riding it..so our first site was a jail,yes jail of Bimbisar. Who has Bimbisara ? He was a ancient Indian King back in 5th century BCE. Then we

Now we reached the main site, santi-stup, A Buddhist temple.  And we were not in a situation to walk to the top so we waited for ropeway…  As it was New Year day, there were many tourists and we waited for long… finally after an our or so it was my turn… I was excited at first . I sat on the ropeway which was like a chiar structure with something of a seatbelt.. it was ok at bugging but as I was too young at that time and got frightened so closed my eyes till I reached the top… It was beautiful,cold: covered by fog ,like heaven and the Buddha statue was fantastic , then we walked down, no ropeway this time… when reached the place we stood and said goodbye to the horses…. it was around 1:00pm , the lunch was ready but what a funny tragedy….

To be considered….

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Durga Puja: Explore India

Convergence The greatest festival of the Bengali community, durga Puja is one of the most popular festivals in India;. If you ever want to visit the bengal provivce of India ( West Bengal) ,then during Durga Puja will be the best time to visit..

So, what’s “Durga Puja”?

Durga is the name of a goddess from Hindu mythology and the phrase” Puja” means to worship .The festival is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, typically September or October of the Gregorian calendar. The main Puja is for 4 days but informally it begins a week ago when” Navaratri” ( a Hindu Festival) starts. Durga Puja festival marks the battle of goddess Durga with the shape-shifting, deceptive and powerful buffalo demon Mahishasura and her emerging victorious. Thus, the festival epitomises the victory of good over evil, but it also a part of harvest festival that marks the goddess Durga  the power behind all of life and creation. The festival consists of Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, and Maha Nabami. The last day of the festival is Bijoya Dashami when the immersion of the Durga idol takes place. On the day of Bijoya Dashami, people meet each other and exchange greetings and young people pay their respects to the elders. During Durga Puja the whole province of Bengal is decorated a a bride, specially the state capital Kolkata even you can see how beautifully the roads are decorated. It’s like celebrating Christmas and Dewali at the same time. And what to explore most is the “pandals”, decorated with a unique theme or making replica of famous structure…  It can be like you are near the Statue of Liberty and by walking you bypass the great wall of China and reach Eiffel tower, great right!!! 

Now let’s me share my own expense… I was in Kolkata few months back,which was two weeks before Durga Puja, I aksed the cab driver about Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata as I never been at Kolkata during Durga Puja . He replied in a poetic tone” the real beauty of Kolkata can be seen in this 9days, it’s our pride” I continued, “will it be ok by going in cab to visit all pandal in one night?”…he replied that it will be better to walk and he explains why…”all roads are full of people,no place to drive,car moves slower than turtle and its more fun to walk with friends/family than to be in a car”I enquired as he owns a cab how he used to travel during Puja”. He replied “walking” I just wanted to continue to conversation but we had reached the destination… The Beautiful Victoria memorial,wow magnificent it was, we will talk about it later.

Now I rached the Howrah junction after enjoy Kolkata… magnificent place man, as I told I will tell you how was my experience while exploring kolkata. I reached the station 3 hours before the train time so I need to wait. So I searched for a some one , free like me, to pass the time and I found a old man , he was to catch the same train. I sit beside him watching people rushing for train and we two freely waiting…. I asked him “From when do you live in Kolkata,” he replied that he was born here, then we talked for more than an hour about kolkata for hours which I will tell you in exploring Kolkata then the next topic was Durga Puja…. “He explains Durga Puja as a grand celebration the city watches every year , it’s not only about Puja but much more”, he continued “ it’s about people leaving out come back to their home , every place is looks like as if royal marriage ceremony is to start,….and he continued but I didn’t remember asking I was in thoughts of his first few words…. “Puja is like a sprint we live for”he concluded….

“Durga Puja is everything for us,our soul,our pride, everything for us” commented another old man hearing us for a long time… the train reached I rushed to search my sit…. My Kolkata tour was finished, what I was left with was beautiful memories, of places I went to and some amazing people I mate there…and a wish to come back for durgapuja

So I decided to come back to during the Durga Puja. But alas I couldn’t ….but I will be there next year…. As they tell in bengali

“Asche bochor abar hobe” ( next year we will celebrate Durga Puja again)…

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5 place to visit in France: Explore France

France: the beautiful country, a place to love- a place to live, with rich cultural, history and birth place of many legends.And what’s great about France is it is the world’s most popular tourist destination, for nearly three decades ,receiving more than 82 million foreign tourists annual. People from all over the world love to visit this European country.so let’s explore some tourist hotspots in this beautiful country:


The list ,as expected by you all,has begin with France’s capital city, Paris. The city of love, City of romance, what ever you call it, it’s one of the best place to visit in France, It’s the city that first comes to mind when you think about France…..you will not get bored while traveling the city. And as some of you think is Eiffel tower is the only thing, then here’s a list for you

.The Eiffel Tower,


.The Place de la Nation,

. Denfert-Rochereauthe  Sacré-Coeur ,

.The Arc de Triomphe,  and

.The Louvre.

Mont Saint-Michel as you know stands in Normandie and  It is the most visited site of Normandie and one of the ten most visited places of France. It is located on a rocky island in the Channel. You can access it  by bus journey.

One of the most interesting place here is,The abbey’s church , It is the highest point of the island and it has been listed as a historic monument since 1862.


Lille is located near Belgian border,  famous for it’s Grande Braderie de Lille which takes place in the month of September every year when street markets line the city for 48 hours. Lille is the best city to visit for foodies and enjoy it’s waffles, mussels and many more things .and it has France’s one of the largest fine art museum


Bordeaux: the wine capital , yes, if you have a great teste of wine,this is the place you should not miss. Located in the Aquitaine region, in southwestern France, the city is full of bars à vin, especially Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre where you can treat yourself to the different varieties of this national beverage, and don’t miss the Pey-Berland Tower where you can overlook the city , it will be a beautiful view, especially in the afternoon….

5.La Turbie
La Turbie is a town slightly north of Monaco on the French Riviera, on the spectacular Grand Corniche road that runs from Nice to Monaco,Located about 23 km from Nice on the border with the Principality of Monaco high up in the Alps. La Turbie looks like it is floating in the sky with the gigantic 35 meter high Trophee d’Auguste dominating the landscape. Built 2000 years ago by the Romans, this magnificent monument is the pride of France .
So have you ever visited France!… what you liked most about this beautiful country?
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